Wooden cottage

A country wooden cottage, a little building in a God forsaken village is a trully magical place. A place where, one could say, it all started for most of our culture. A place of huge importance and at the same time one that we have only recently discovered and appreciated. One that we are going to explore in the future, and that I am going to write about.

A wooden cottage is where most of us, at least in Poland, come from. A place about which many of us want to forget, are slightly ashamed of (God only knows why) and yet one that shaped our ancestors and, indirectly us. It was in wooden cottages built all over the vast territory of Poland that most our customs and traditions originated. This is where our folk music and art come from and where our cuisine was shaped. This is what created our system of values, beliefs and superstitions.

I was born and brought up in a modern, vibrant town, in a family that chose not to remember about its roots. Or, maybe, fate had chosen for them by very physically cutting the ties with the past. Still, it was only a few years ago that I began to rediscover my own roots, the still vibrant past living in the country, in the little cottages and forgotten villages.

MaƂgosia, on the other hand, was born in a village, though it was not a true, traditional one. She comes from Lower Silesia, a place where Poles forced to leave the eastern part of pre-war Poland were relocated, from a village larger than some towns and very different than what fascinates us now. Still, her grandma and grandpa still used to cultivate traditions or at least some of them. Only that, as a teenager, she was not interested.

This blog is intended as a record of our fascination with everything that we have so nearly lost, a record of travels across Poland (and not only), of things discovered; of music, art, cuisine as well as photography, landscape, architecture or clothes. Of everything that comes from the wooden cottage and its surroundings.